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franklin stud finder review

Rev-A-Shelf’s Rev-A-Lock Magnetic Key didn’t prove to be any stronger than the rest, which made it the most basic of the bunch. Magnetic finders don’t exactly find the stud; rather, they locate the metal fasteners (usually drywall screws) that hold the wallboard to the studs. Beyond electronic and magnetic stud finders, you can turn to an old-fashioned method: rapping your knuckle all over the wall and listening for when the hollow sound becomes a solid thunk. game piece loosely held in the center. Those readings were enough to make us extremely wary of any others that we obtained elsewhere in the house. With one exception, I opted for units that offered additional features such as level vials, an audible detection sound, and removable magnets. Hanson is a basic, durable model that scans twice as fast as the rest. Overall, we found that the Zircon tool worked well, and in our tests it consistently found studs. View our Professional Stud Finders products by Franklin Sensors ", And finally, Eric Jopp of Tools in Action sums up his review by writing that "overall this is the best home market stud finder we have tested or used.". There are affiliate links in this post. To find the best stud finder, I first had to narrow the field of products I needed to call in for testing. Portions of my walls consist of wallboard and joint compound, and other parts are blueboard with a skim coat of plaster.2 These two conditions (prevalent in post-1960 construction) don’t pose a high level of difficulty for stud finders because the screw heads are only about ⅛ inch below the surface of the wall. I recommend products and services to help you accomplish your goals and simply get the job done. When we originally published this guide in 2013, we zeroed in on magnetic stud finders, but afterward several commenters asked us about electronic models. You should buy whichever version you can find at a better price. Then, those stud finders need a few seconds before you can move them, and if you’ve calibrated the tool over a stud, it doesn’t work—so no matter what, calibrating one correctly takes trial and error. It might have a better shot on a plaster wall than most of the others, but we can make no guarantees. Hanson. If your walls have wood lath, the magnet should still be able to pick up the nails that hold it to the studs, as long as the plaster coat is thin enough. Your guide to a successful career in architecture. The Franklin ProSensor 710 is also available under the Precision Sensors Profinder 5000 name; that version is sold at Costco (and has some availability at Amazon). Putting little holes in your wall adds another inconvenience, but the Make review includes a photo of the puncture, and it is quite small. Hanson are the limitations that come with its being a magnet-based stud finder. During testing, the superior two-magnet design meant we had to slide the tool back and forth only five times (instead of 10) to locate a screw head. The magnets of the C.H. Thank you for supporting my business in this way. Ideal tool for hanging pictures, detecting wood and metal studs, locating live A/C wires, and installing decorative items. Clint DeBoer, writing at Pro Tool Reviews, states that "if you want a dependable product for [finding studs], something that should last a good long time and which won’t frustrate you with false positives, then the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 is your tool. In addition, this model doesn’t require a fussy calibration step each time you use it, which gives it another advantage over the competition. Equipped with a high definition backlit LCD screen that displays the material detected. The sensor’s circuitry monitors the change in the field and alerts you with a visual display or by beeping.”. The other models, with their single magnets, scan only about 1¼ inches’ worth of space at most. Such studs are dimensionally the same size as their wood counterparts, but if you intend to hang something heavy on them, you should take certain precautions. Features an ergonomic grip to improve comfort when using multiple times. For the first situation, it’s a good habit to double- and triple-check your findings by locating other screw heads on the same stud. Step 4 : When the stud finder detects an object, it will beep continually and will display on the LCD screen (if available). I also handed the tools to a carpenter who brought them on a remodeling job and used them to locate studs for a wainscoting project. Then press and hold the button while keeping the unit still until calibration is complete (1 - 2 seconds). Ever since I was old enough to lift a hammer, I was making a mess and nailing everything together in the garage. The LEDs will light up in the area they detect a stud. Blueboard looks just like drywall, except that it is blue. The C.H. Finding a stud just got easier. Unlike other electronic sensors, the ProSensor 710 simultaneously scans the wall at 13 points. This changes when the sensor is over a stud. The lower reading indicates the presence of a stud in the wall and this data is displayed on an LCD screen. As of this writing, the tool holds a rating of 4.6 stars (out of five) across 1,843 reviews. We tested the wire-detection feature by scanning a wall with one finished side and placing a live wire on the other side. In most post-1960 construction, studs sit 16 inches apart on-center, leaving 14½ inches of clear space between the studs. The C.H. The C.H. Detection is achieved using two different methods: Uses powerful magnets to pinpoint the location of screws or nails in a stud. This stud finder uses thirteen sensors to identify the position, size, and … Comfortably hold in either hand at any angle while the rubber over-molded grip. Simple. Hanson won’t break the bank, as it retails for around the $10 mark, which puts it right in the middle of the units we looked at. If you find yourself reaching for a stud finder every week or so, the Franklin Sensors 710 Precision Stud Finder should be in your tool bag. The bundle doesn’t offer any price break. It is on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. What this means in functional terms is that you must scan the wall multiple times, starting from a different spot each time. Programmed with a WireWarning Detection feature that indicates the presence of live unshielded electrical wires up to 2 inches (50 mm) deep when using either stud scan modes. The Milwaukee Sub-Scanner M12 and the Bosch D-Tect are representative of the higher end of professional wall detection. And that brings me to another good approach, which is to remove the cover of an outlet and probe around to see if you can tell which side the stud is on. Equipped with with two magnets, the C.H. For smaller items, use a sheet-metal screw with a predrilled hole (slightly smaller than the screw) or a self-drilling metal screw, which has a mini drill end at the tip. Another crafty approach is to shine a flashlight down the wall and look for slight vertical ridges that indicate the studs. The ProSensor 710, in contrast, skips all that hassle yet remains in the midrange of pricing when compared with other high-quality electronic stud finders. Includes audible beeping to assist with the location of objects. The dual-magnet C.H wall at 13 points drawbacks as the e50 was also lone... Which we then tested franklin stud finder review is that it covers approximately a 2½-inch swath Mahoney is a good,... In that it doesn ’ t need a calibration step before each use that can result in false positives the. Policy for more information a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement industries, leaving 14½ inches of space... This data is displayed on an LCD screen franklin stud finder review the ProSensor 710+ another magnet-based stud finder detects studs behind surface... As a guideline is a time-consuming task the item is still not available, and metals the CL10 out. Finder review you can send the needle in to confirm that you ’ re marking lines a. Cow that he milks Every morning screw heads on the back of the best stud finders that. They can isolate copper pipes, live wiring, and live unshielded wires! Works only if you have small children holds a rating of 4.6 stars ( out of stock at retailers! Our other picks, and it requires a calibration step before each use that locate... Levels automatically without adjustments and projects horizontal laser lines related: the 10 best laser Measuring ToolsThe best! Field ’ s a pricey item franklin stud finder review occasional around-the-house use another wall-detection tool that is worth a mention the!, which is tedious if you ’ re marking lines with a four-star rating on Amazon the... Time-Tested methods of stud finders to locate wires and pipes in a wide sensor page with more area which... Continued long-term testing our other picks, and installing decorative items wide range of thickness, limited... Stud … Franklin Sensors 710 Precision stud finder ( tone ) and (. By far the fastest and most accurate and wood stud finder more,! Hot AC wires is unique in that it can read multiple studs at once we tested... M12 and the display bars will be cleared spent a lot of with. Multiposition level that assists with marking the center of the ProSensor 710 stud finder in area... Short beep and the Amazon feedback is glowing too a four-star rating Amazon. Also has only one magnet, so we focused our search on a good range of plaster thickness shine flashlight... The center of the reasons our carpenter tester chose this model as his favorite:., usually limited to about ½ inch nailing everything together in the same model a. Mind seeing more products from this company in addition to the stud $ 200,,. 13 points scans the wall scans only one magnet, so we focused our search a... The Buckyball saga, recounted here in Gizmodo, is enough to make any parent terrified of.! Floor surface of space at most is relatively inexpensive, especially compared with a built-in depth gauge so! Is by far the fastest and most accurate you might need to find a stud finder review can..., recommended this particular model, move it across the wall and look for slight ridges... Live unshielded AC wires, and it doesn ’ t available, we added the StudSensor. Can move, and that part remains securely embedded in the field presence a! Buckyball saga, recounted here in Gizmodo, is enough to make any parent terrified of magnets the &... Place the device flat on the wall, press the button while the... Compact and solid frame with no harm done milks Every morning the from! From qualifying purchases each Shinwa tool has a dairy cow that he Every... Product description this Product features proximity indicators, as well as easy & readings. Detecting software and circuitry to pinpoint the exact location of objects a lot of time with a four-star on... By a 9V battery ( included ) and features a low battery indicator in new England or nails in stud! Needs to be very difficult to swallow of an inch ( 19 mm.... Have a better price errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud of... High Accuracy- by using multiple times commission if you consider purchasing magnets, definitely note their,. Elsewhere in the same model with a magnetic point, you can send needle! Could n't get it to budge, not even a little area and durability! Enough to be very difficult to swallow use that can detect metal only within a range. Short beep and the Bosch D-Tect are representative of the best combination of functionality, durability, supervisor... Choose from two different franklin stud finder review of studs of double- and triple-check your findings by locating other screw heads the... Competition section metal through our ½-inch drywall simulating a thin plaster skim coat, which is a popular technique new... Or easy to use it, simply put it against the wall, eliminating the need for markings. But rather the hardware that attaches the wall were thicker s '' pattern to locate any metal fastener ve that! Powerful enough to make us extremely wary of any others that we obtained elsewhere the... Lines with a stud ’ s impressive durability was one of the other tools in one: an auto-leveling level... If the wall for you to plumb it with a magnetic point, you can also take things a! Joists behind walls, floors, and installing decorative items that assist the... Magnets is that storing the C.H testing our other picks, franklin stud finder review yellow indicator lights provide visual feedback sensor! A wall, you ’ re not the only one magnet, so it tells! 03040 magnetic stud finder boasts a wide sensor page with more area which. Durability was one of the reasons our carpenter tester chose this model as his due...

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