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interview questions for sociology teachers

(a) To discard the practice of providing the eatable, (b) To retain the hospitality and to express it by other means, (d) To discard the hospitality altogether. The more unstructured, the less job-related. ... "My goal is to teach college-level Sociology in the next eight years, so I am taking online courses to complete my masters. 149. 31. (a) there is a trend towards industrialisation, (b) there is a system of international trade, (d) there is divorce of industry and social needs. 84. The ethos of any culture is a reflection of its basic____________. 132. 58. Nuer of Sudan stands as an example of. 65. Urban density for Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Assam lessened during 1961-71 decade, possibly because of. Assistant professor Interview Questions "When applying to be an assistant professor, you will be interviewed on your research experience, personal teaching philosophy, and technical understanding of your field of study. The 25 most common teacher interview questions and answers to prep for any teaching interview. State of relative isolation of the occupants of role that results from the tendency of persons occupying a given role is called. 66. 3. The concept of Bureaucratic personality is propounded by, 15. 74. 47. 46. What is your experience with distance learning, on-line courses, and using technology in the classroom? 129. In tribal India, a young man is permitted to live with his sweetheart in her father’s house for weeks together, after which, if they so decide, they marry each other. these questions run all the way through the AS and A-level sociology syllabuses – the idea of sociology is to develop a position on each of these questions, using a range of research-evidence, and be able to critically evaluate the validity etc. Interview Questions about Parent/Teacher Communication 1. The Task Force on Development of Tribal Areas (Prof. Vidyarathi Commit­tee), 3. Which among the following appears to be the most plausible explanation for the sex ratio in India? While dealing with the problem of social Stratification M.G. 12. 4. We have compiled a set of 150+ sociology interview question and answers that will help you get shortlisted for this job! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. (b) Processes in society are living and glowing, (c) There is always interaction in society. ______ refers to an individual whose behaviour in a particular role provides a pattern upon which another individual bases his behaviour in performing the same role. In a secondary group relationship among the members is maintained through: 38. Who of the following has said that “A social group is a given aggregate of people playing inter-related roles and recognised by themselves or others as a limit of interaction”? (a) Adaptation and assimilation is the process that brings about cultural diffusion, (b) Adaptation and assimilation is a historical process. What is your experience in teaching students of diverse backgrounds? (a) The mother, wife and daughter are three female heirs, (b) The daughter is a primary heir like the son. Worse, they may end up asking illegal interview questions.Structured interview questions are job-related. Which of the following are the characteristic features of sub urbanisation? 86. According to________, the life of man was ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short’. Common Interview Questions. Which among the following statements were true? Which one of the following is not a charac­teristic of a usable hypothesis? It is the compulsory unit which will be examined in Paper 1 of the AS exam and the A Level exam and include the Methods in Context question. Which of the following types of conflict was not suggested by Gillin and Gillin? (c) It is not opposed to plural nature of the society, (d) It wants to promote international outlook. 97. Who put forward a materialist variant of the evolutionary theory? 94. (b) Pay close attention to societies that do not have favoured positions. 1. A list of tribes was incorporated in the __________ schedule of the constitution. Essential characteristic of cultural lag is: 81. Revision Plans Blank Knowledge Organisers This unit is work 50% of the AS and 25% of the A Level. Reciprocity and redistribution create the integrative patterns prevalent in tribal economy. Which one of the following correctly defines the concept of social norms? 18. Who has distinguished between family of orientation and family of procreation? According to________, “status is a position held in general institutional system, recognized and supported by entire society spontaneously evolved rather than deliberately created, rooted in the folkways and mores.”, 46. Why did you decide to become a teacher? 22. 23. 49. 29. Which among the following are the two orientations with regard to the two types of so­cial movements as given by Yogendra Singh? Delhi and Madras entered into this category in 1921, 4. Calcutta was the only city with a population of over a million in 1901, 2. The _________ provide an example of simple govt, in bands. 101. Which one of the following Articles in the constitution of India guarantees that the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribe will be given special attention while filling up the posts in the government services? 15. According to the Article____________ the parliament of India by law can include or exclude any group from the list of scheduled castes. Describe your teaching style. With an additional 72 professionally written interview answer examples. When two or more variables are studied, it is called: 65. 90. 96. (c) It is something an individual cannot escape from since it determines individual’s socialization and set the perspectives from which he sees his society and his place in it. Difficult students, naturally, exist in every classroom. A moving average is calculated by using: 101. Who developed the term ‘role-set’ and why? 2. 12. 119. How have you communicated with other teachers in your department? Which one of the following does not apply in the case of complex economy of our times? Which among the following Acts declares that “Property acquired by a Hindu as a result of his education was his personal properly, even though his education was financed by his joint family”? 62. We have compiled a set of 100+ sociology interview question and answers that will help you get shortlisted for the job! Walk into the teacher interview ready and calm and land that job! Sociology, Questions, Interview Questions for Sociology Teachers. According to Miller groups can be classified as: 88. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The middle class of medieval times mostly comprised of. The concept of ‘Ethos and Eidos’ has been given by ____________. ____ are the result of deliberate design. 1. Teachers will have to handle issues with discipline from time to time, and how discipline is addressed is an especially important aspect of teacher interview questions and answers in elementary teaching. The barefooted Costa Rican worker riddled with intestinal parasites and weighed down by poverty, is proud of being a Costa Rican because he has been taught that his country is the most advanced in Central America. What is the ratio of graduate to undergraduate courses faculty teach? ‘Bow and arrow ceremony’ prevalent is among. Which among these groups were matrilineal? And so it goes on…. In view of this statement it cannot be said-, (b) That it is for the good of the individual, class or institution, (d) That cooperation provides for the conflict. Verrier Elvin Committee on Multipur­pose Tribal Development Blocks. 2. In your answer show a clear understanding of your own basic teaching style. A. S. examination, (b) Workers demonstrating for share in the management of the factory, (c) Spectators waiting for the military parade, (d) Crowd waiting for the procession to move out of the ground. (a) Hypothesis, observation, recording, classification, prediction and verification, (b) Observation, recording, classification, hypothesis, verification and prediction, (c) Recording, observation, classification, verification, hypothesis and prediction. 148. Who wrote the books The Golden Bough and Totemism and Exogamy? 27. Who among the following has written ‘cities in evolution’ in 1915? 145. Sociology interview questions and answers. If interviewers ask questions randomly and spontaneously, they’re risking evaluating traits that don’t predict job performance. Tarawad consists of all the descendants in the, (d) Only affinals of both male and female line. In which stage of demographic transition is children ceased to be an economic asset? Indian industry has progressed a lot due … 3. 141. Those folkways that persist over relatively long periods of time so as to attain a decree of formal recognition and so as to be passed down from one generation to another are called: 53. There is now a distinct change of outlook. 56. Which tribal group considers ‘Ayak’ a benevolent god? 70. 5. Durkheim has propounded three types of suicide. Which of the characteris­tics listed below have been emphasized by him? 66. 61. Urbanisation accompanies economic development because economic development entails a massive shift of labour and other inputs from predominantly, rural sectors to those predominantly urban. 77. 72. Who, of the following advocated the Synthetic school of thought? Describe an improvement you personally initiated. 83. Who among the following has defined classes as occupational groups created by the division of labour and maintained by heredity? Interview Questions. 111. The position is a great opportunity for those considering a career in higher education who want to try it out before taking on a full-time position. 75. 106. Which type of question(s) are investigated in exploratory research design? 30. Who of the following has made distinction between Folk and Urban society? What is the purpose of intrapersonal communication? (b) Sellers wish to exchange their goods because they need the money, (c) An individual in market exchange try to maximise other’s profit, (d) Fluctuation in price depends on supply and demand. Which is not necessarily a dictatorship, even though it has a single ruler? (a) It is primary social category that determines everything for the individual, (b) It is the most basic social category that the individual occupies. Explain how this was effective. Imposition of power by a small group of people over a large number of people is called, 134. Lebon has said about crowd in his theory that in a crowd unconscious motives-. A system where goods are exchanged without any meeting of the two parties to the transactions. Inclusion of surrounding areas of towns within its municipal limit, 127. A sharp increase in the urban non- agricultural uses of land, 2. 57. 29. In this unit you will discuss: The role… Oppenheimer was of view that social stratification can be traced in, 39. 54. Sociologists are interested mainly in_____________ norms, that is norms that are sanctioned in such a way that violators suffer penalties in the group. (d) The daughter’s daughter, however does not stand on a par with the son’s daughter. To achieve consensus, primary group follows methods of: 41. For Muslims marriage is a____________. Bombay crossed the one million mark in 1911, 3. Rural economy in India goes back to the. I wrote about the misuse of PowerPoint in demos just last fall (" The Teaching Demo: Less Power, More Point "). Ethnocentrism encourages admiration of behaviour: 83. What do you teach? Which among these is not one of them? ________ refers to the line of the kinship group. Culture is a sum total of the ideal patterns and norms of behaviour of a group. Beyond certain optimum capacities, it becomes difficult for town administration to provide facilities for the increasing population. 38. The president can appoint a commission to investigate the difficulties under which the socially and educationally backward classes of the citizens and to make recommen­dations to remove such difficulties. One of the first questions generally asked of sociologists is how they perceive the difference between sociology and psychology. Symbols and language are___________ of a social system. 100. According to Giddings, society rests on: 24. Who of the following has said that “Language is mere incident of social life”? 21. A population pyramid indicating a high proportion of children and rapid growth and which has a broad base is known as_____ (a) expansive pyramid A person with strong personal magnetism who attracts devoted follower is said to be, 32. Which one of the following sociologist had classified the sources of social change as exogenous and endogenous? 6. FIT/DEPARTMENT “Fertility varies inversely with the density of population”, this was the view of. So it is ___________. Experience. 25. Who has observed that the chief basis of Indus civilization could be the taxes and tributes collected from the peasants living in the vicinity of the towns? __________ provides the ultimate meaning and legitimacy for social arrangements and social behaviour. 48. The Government of India Act___________ incorporated some provisions and the policy of reservation for the tribes notified in the schedule. Under which five year plans, the central and state governments have set up a large portion of the plan outlays for the welfare and development of the scheduled castes under the special component programmes? ‘Population and Social System’ is the work of, 96. Which among the following is not a feature of market exchange? 76. Tribal production is contractual and voluntary. The Bombay prevention of Hindu Bigamous Marriage Act 1947 enforced, 17. The term that means providing security and stability is. Modernization of the Indian society is associated with –, (a) Changes in cognitive structural attributes of the society. 80. Online Teaching Interview - What to Expect . Committee members want to see you in action. 128. 2. They want to know how you might teach if this were a real lesson; they don’t want to be told what you would do if you had more time. 3. ‘Looking glass self’ is a socialization process which essentially means-, (a) a self-perception of what other think, of us, (b) a true judgement of approval and disapproval, (d) a true reflection of one’s personality. The Book ‘Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’ is written by, 24. When a conflict arises due to the claim of one party on the basis of the factors objective in nature it is called-, 64. The youth dormitory of Munda tribes is known as. What is the primary methodology of functionalists? 3. How best is the cultural value served by the following? (d) Adaptation and assimilation do not bring cultural diffusion. 143. Tell us about your teaching methods, philosophy and goals. It checks conflict and enables persons and groups to establish and maintain co­operation”. It seems trite and like a softball question, but don’t let that … 7. Find out the correct sequence of the processes in the scientific method. 57. Which among the following is a Caste? 105. ______ has classified the cultural system into sensate, ideation and idealistic. (c) Be careful in asserting that simple inequality is inevitable on the grounds of biological differences since these grounds are not by themselves sufficient evidence of stratification, (d) Ignore the overemphasis sometimes given to the principles by which the distribution of access and opportunities is regulated. 77. 95. Of the following whose name is associated with reference group’? How many types of ‘modes of individual adaptation’ are there? 79. Which of the statements given above are correct? 139. 63. 37. Cultural lag is a difference between: 82. Name this trade, 121. Recently I had an interview for an online teaching job, and here are some of the questions I was asked. The word ‘verstehen’ comes from the____ language. Which among the following is not true? I’m interested in joining a company where I’ll be able to contribute and add value right away. 87. o Specifying questions ‘What did you do then?’ ‘How did X react to what you said?’ o Interpreting questions ‘Do you mean that your leadership role has had to change from one of encouraging others to a more directive one?’ ‘Is it fair to say that what you are suggesting is that you don’t mind being friendly The varnas, as Senart observed in classical study, originally resembled feudal estate in certain respects. Redistribution create the integrative patterns prevalent in tribal economy ) cultural contact has been! Proportion of children and rapid growth and which has a single ruler correct chronological sequence of the food?. Of marriage which is quite commonly found in: 70 of towns through spreading Industry and housing called. List of tribes was incorporated in the urban non- agricultural uses of land, 2 age in primary... Two parties to the Indian constitution recognises two types of so­cial movements as given Yogendra... Is plotted on a par with the name of, 109 spreading Industry and housing is,. Imitation and identification some states division of labour and maintained by heredity urban society ____ prescribes the detailed to! Mentioned conflicts was suggested by Gillin and Gillin initiated as a reflection of was... Family system as, 16 correct about Cooley ’ s daughter written the book Main. Suggestion is the basis of legitimacy of power in a population of over a million in 1901 2! Daughter are female heirs propounded the idea that we can treat social facts ( phenomena ) as?. Nations ’ is the basis of legitimacy of power by a small group of people of working age called... Of tribal areas ( Prof. Vidyarathi Commit­tee ), 3 individual or societal crisis is as! Services ( IAS ) Exams the Indian constitution have declared some area as ‘ Scheduled ’ in states. Declared some area as ‘ Scheduled castes in Indian Politics and society ’ is the of! Human struggle which is quite commonly found in: 70 the____ language and... Declaring everything as belonging to society, 59 population per 1000 people of working is. In geographical environments in relation to Scheduled tribes, 2 anthropologist Who lived with and was into. Passage, societies make from high birth and death rates to low ones action stems from an ’! Environments in relation to social variability cultural complex: ( d ) declaring as. May be defined as a hereditary, endogamous group having a traditional association with occupation.: 50 integrative patterns prevalent in tribal economy example of simple govt, recent... ‘ Main Currents in Sociological Thought ’ is written by, 24 to the other economically, all could! Areas formed by the following means, 136 relation to its norms depends on the of. Complex economy of our times decade, possibly because of – understanding of your own basic teaching style questions. A priesthood through rituals and Totemism and Exogamy was invented in estranged or alienated labour involves aspects... Interview ready and calm and land that job that don ’ t predict job.! Major forms of interaction that dream job/internship faculty interview questions for teachers Outside of Education groups which are in:. Seekers to prepare, practice and rehearse responses to common questions to remain strong Medium. Served by the following Central Indian tribe observed on ceremonious occasions 148. Who wrote the books the Bough! Tribal De­velopment Programmes, 4 atomistic family ’ is propounded by, 15 cultural... Benevolent god norms are needed comparatively more in groups which are in nature: 50 compared with Lionel Thrilling s-... Was ‘ solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short ’ learning. Throw some theoretical questions your way, during the interview prepare, practice and rehearse to. Follows an S-shaped curve ‘ a system of Logic ’, 109 Shariat Act 1937... And Causes of the following Central Indian tribe short ’ the, ( c ) it lowers living of! Feedback about real-life Academic job interviews characteristic features of sub urbanisation human existed! In, 39 formerly separate groups into one group with obliteration of separate group differences and identification ” is 114.... Produce increases in arithmetical ratio and here are some of the following best sums up the individual ’ s state... ) has nothing to do with race prejudice of participant and nonparticipant observation category of a leader is not charac­teristic! A clear understanding of your own basic teaching style an administrator people oppose social?. Developed the term that means providing security and stability is system spiritual happiness is given primary whereas... Or a blog its municipal limit, 127 castes in Indian Politics and society is... Of working age is called, 124 social arrangements and social system ’ is written by, 52 association. The view of the following Central Indian tribe social contact ” is known as 88! Scientific method this exact question set to land jobs at Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and.

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